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                    Supported Devices


                    Adobe Digital Editions

                    The open catalog format OPDS allows a wide network of publishers, booksellers, libraries and even authors to make their catalogs of books available directly to readers through their laptops, phones, netbooks or dedicated reading devices.

                    Feedbooks has a vibrant ecosystem of developers, softwares and services based on our OPDS catalog.

                    Feedbooks Connected

                    Mobile Platforms

                    Major mobile platforms like iOS, Android or simply the browser (through HTML5 applications) have software connected directly to Feedbooks through our OPDS Catalog.

                    PC / Mac

                    Several software and services are compatible with our content, but we recommend using Adobe Digital Editions and our EPUB files for reading on PC & Mac.

                    Check our help page about Digital Editions for more information.

                    Dedicated Devices

                    Any dedicated device using Adobe Digital Editions is fully compatible with every content available on Feedbooks. See a full list of compatible devices.

                    Check our help page about Digital Editions for more information.

                    Sony Reader & Nook

                    Among some of the most popular devices supported by Adobe Digital Editions, you'll find the Sony Reader or the Nook.

                    Kindle compatibility

                    All Kindle dedicated devices, and some Kindle software (desktop) are compatible with public domain and original books on Feedbooks. However, none of the books available on our store are compatible with the Kindle. We offer a few Kindle specific tips on our dedicated Kindle page.