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        The Puzzler's War

        The Puzzler's War

        for $ 11.99 , or download a preview

        11.99 The Puzzler's War https://covers.feedbooks.net/item/2951638.jpg?t=1567868489 http://www.bwiins.com/item/2951638/the-puzzler-s-war?utm_medium=uwishlist&utm_source=amazon

        The intriguing futuristic dystopian story begun with The Lost Puzzler continues in this expansive speculative science fiction adventure.

        There is nothing out of the ordinary in waking up . . . unless you’re dead.

        Sent on a dangerous mission with little hope of succeeding, the man known as “Twinkle Eyes” has beaten the odds and found the key that could save civilization: Rafik, a teenage boy with the power to unlock the invaluable Tarakan technology that can restart… (more)


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