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        Jupiter Space Tyrants

        by Thorben D. Townhouse

        The yoke of Jovian oppression

        rests heavily on the dwellers of

        Earth—until Damis, the Nepthalim,

        comes forward to lead them in

        spirited revolt.


        by Joseph Conrad

        Typhoon by Joseph Conrad. Typhoon is a classic sea story, possibly based upon Conrad's actual experience of seaman's life, and probably on a real incident aboard of the real steamer John P. Best. It describes...

        Mary Anerley

        by R. D. Blackmore

        Mary Anerley By R. D. Blackmore. Mary Anerley: a Yorkshire tale is a novel by R. D. Blackmore published in 1880. The novel is set in the rugged landscape of Yorkshire's North Riding and the sea-coast of its...

        Second Chance Boy

        by Emily Padraic

        He was The One. Then he dumped me. Now, three years later, he wants a second chance. He's crazy if he thinks he's going to win over the heart he broke before. Right?

        Second Chance Boy is a college romance/ chick...

        One More Time

        by Emily Padraic

        I know what I saw. He was kissing her. So, I stormed out and went to a bar with my besties. Turns out, I was wrong. Now I want him back. Will he make it easy, or will he make me pay? One More Time is a contemporary...

        My Favorite Mistake

        by Emily Padraic

        Faith's ex-boyfriend, Rick, broke up with her the summer after high school because of his best friend's lie.? By the time Rick discovered the truth, it was too late.? Now it's been two years, and he's standing...

        More Than Anything

        by Emily Padraic

        Elle and Danny were childhood sweethearts who married right out of college and then divorced. Six months later, they run into each other at a wedding reception. Will sparks fly a second time? Or will they get...

        The Lost Birds

        by Mehmet Ali ?zkan

        The blue dove, the black swallow and the white seagull get separated from their flocks because of their mistakes. Their selfishness and wanting to be like someone they are not keep them apart from their families....

        The Little Fish

        by Mehmet Ali ?zkan

        The little fish doesn’t know that he should listen to his mother and he learns how important it is for children to listen to their mothers the hard way. One day, he gets so caught up in his games, he gets...

        The Eagle's Fury

        by Mehmet Ali ?zkan

        The furious eagle living in the forest tries to drive other animals away from the forest by mistreating them. But a clever plan devised by the swallow brings him to his senses. Will the eagle be able to realize...

        The Arrogant Butterfly

        by Mehmet Ali ?zkan

        A butterfly thinks she is so pretty and so much better than the other animals in the forest that she looks down on them and belittles them. She even goes so far as to mock them. Because of this, she wanders...

        Elif and Emre Learning Our Religion - Performing Salah

        by Elif Arslan

        Elif and Emre want to perform salah with their parents. so they make wudu and lay their prayer rugs on the floor. They feel more peaceful while they perform salah and thank Allah for the blessings He has bestowed...

        Elif and Emre Learning Our Religion - Kalima-i Shahadah

        by Elif Arslan

        This book tells the story of two siblings trying to learn our religion. While Elif and Emre?have aconversation with their friends, they talk about?why people say the words of kalima-i shahadah and what they...

        Going Beyond Borders

        by Gianluca Marano

        “So, to those who would like to leave their mark on this country I say: the stage is yours.” With these words Sheihk Mohammed summed up in his book "Flashes of Thought", the spirit of openness to the world...

        Elif and Emre Learning Our Religion - Fasting

        by Elif Arslan

        When the month of Ramadan comes, Elif and Emre feel great joy and excitement. They sit at the dining table for suhoor with their parents so that they can fast too. This book conveys the two siblings' feelings...

        Piezoelectric surgery of impacted teeth

        by Angelo Cardarelli

        The extraction of impacted dental elements is often referred to maxillofacial surgeons. However, it can be handled as routinely as any other type of extraction. Piezoelectric surgery of impacted teeth, which...


        by Heather Foreman

        What is executive function?

        Can video games help people with ADHD?

        Is suicide related to ADHD?

        How about emotional trauma?

        How does ADHD affect families and the way they function?

        Questions like these have been researched...


        by Heather Foreman

        The following topics are included in this 3-book combo:

        Book 1: There are many misconceptions about ADHD. We are here to sort them out.

        In this book, various topics will be included, like:

        Children with ADHD versus...


        by Heather Foreman

        There are many misconceptions about ADHD. We are here to sort them out.

        In this book, various topics will be included, like:

        Children with ADHD versus grownups with ADHD.

        Diagnosis analysis and thoughts about the...


        by Heather Foreman

        This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

        Book 1: ADHD is a condition in the brain many people are somewhat familiar with.

        However, when it comes to the specifics, the majority of us are still left...