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        The Dungeon (Explicit Edition)

        by Anna Mann

        Chubby ebony girl Penny has found a job working in an adult club as an exotic dancer, but club manager Malcolm decides that as well as dancing she will have to put on an erotic sex show, and her job rests on...

        Doing Mom On The Train: Nail Em' When They're Sleepin' 1

        by penelope liksit

        Some people can sleep on a long train journey, others cannot. My mother is one of the former, myself one of the latter. And on a long train journey, a man needs something to do to alleviate the boredom.

        Penelope's Promises

        by Anna Mann

        John Langton has found the perfect wife in his young African lover Penelope. A girl who loves fetish and taboo even more than he does. And Penny has made Three Promises... things that she will do that are considered...

        The Secretary

        by Angelina Jolly

        Donna has dreamed about her boss Alan for five long years, so when he finally offers her what she desires most she doesn't hesitate to bend over for him. But as she pleasures him she discovers a side to his...

        Polly and Her Neighbor

        by Kelli Wolfe

        She wanted to hate Josh for what he was making her do, but at the same time she didn’t want him to ever stop.

        When nineteen-year-old Polly backs into her handsome neighbor Josh’s brand new car, it’s all...

        Marked By the Wolf #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

        by Mac Flynn

        Danica “Danny” Lewis wanted something more in life. She wanted a boyfriend, riches, or at least to get out of her office job. She got all she bargained for, and a fur coat when she falls into the clutches...

        Tits And Pits - Special Edition

        by John Lord

        Jenny has 2 secret fetishes, the first is quite normal she suspects, but the other she's convinced is decidedly strange and kinky. Often she wears a loose top and gives a quick peep at her firm ebony breasts,...

        Claiming Princess Kailen (Princesses in Bondage)

        by Kelli Wolfe

        Princesses in Bondage

        Princess Kailen has spent her whole life pampered and protected - until the day she is waylaid and carried off by three vengeful were-leopards with a serious grudge against her father. Now...

        Their Cheating Wives

        by Tiffany Diamond

        Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

        Captive of the Beast Men (Slaves of the Beast Men)

        by Kelli Wolfe

        My body locked with the burning tension flooding through me, and I was afraid that if it was not released soon that I would break.

        The old ones of Wren's tribe have long told stories of the beast men - terrible...

        Thoroughly Searched By The DEA Dogs: Dirty Dogs In Slutty Schoolgirls 1

        by penelope liksit

        “Excuse me Mrs Brown”, said Lisa, “did you say dog lickers? Didn’t you mean dog sniffers?” One of the DEA agents answered the question. “No miss, she absolutely meant dog lickers."?

        When drugs are...

        Transgender Erotica the Employee

        by Misty Love

        Transgender Erotica the Employee : Boss Turn a good employee into a 'good wife'

        Transgender Erotica first taste

        by Karen Styles

        Transgender Erotica first taste:chance encounter gives him experience his first of many transgender girl

        The Naughty Babysitter (Lesbian Erotica)

        by Rod Polo

        Penny tried to resist Emma but she just couldn't. She was already all over her, touching her all over her sensitive areas and kissing her on the lips. She had never been with a girl before and at first, it felt...


        by Alice Raine

        Allie is feeling the strain of trying to cope with the realities of dating a Hollywood star, but every time she thinks things are back on track with Sean, Savannah Hilton, Sean's deviously cunning co-star returns...

        Overexposed (Mills & Boon Blaze)

        by Leslie Kelly

        Sassy heroines and irresistible heroes embark on sizzling sexual adventures as they play the game of modern love and lust. Expect fast paced reads with plenty of steamy encounters.

        If only he knew…


        Obeying the Boss: Accepting a New Position: Taboo Office Politics

        by Howie Hayes

        Harrison has always been the oddball at work, he's never going to be a model employee, but he always managed to keep his old boss happy enough not to fire him. When the new boss introduces herself, he's not...

        The Sissy Series: Taboo Erotica Volume 2: Sissy Erotica - Four Short Stories

        by Howie Hayes

        Sissy Erotica - four short stories combined into one collection. Books in Taboo Erotica Volume 2 include: Book 1 - Be Careful What You Wish For: The Sissy Inside of Him Book 2 - The Sissy Cop and the Suspect:...

        Diary of a Love Brother: A collection of gay erotic stories

        by Cynthia Lucas, Garland, Penelope Friday & J. L. Merrow et al.

        With plenty of varied man-on-man action and stunningly erotic themes these stories will provide a memorable feast of quality fiction that demonstrate, when a man loves a man, anything can happen!

        Cougars on the Prowl: A collection of five erotic stories

        by Viva Jones, Garland, Thomma Finland & Toni Sands et al.

        A collection of five erotic stories with cougar and toy boy themes from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012.