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        The New Law of Attraction

        by Viviana Grunert & Giacomo Bruno

        "The N.1?Law-of-Attraction Amazon Bestseller"??????

        "The Best Law-of-Attraction Book in Italy and USA" ?????

        The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has sold millions of copies and has spread the concept of “law...

        Japanese Folklore The Legend of Eternal Life

        by Xenohikawa Sabrina

        Long, long ago there lived a man called Sentaro. His surname meant "Millionaire," but although he was not so rich as all that, he was still very far removed from being poor. He had inherited a small fortune...

        Exposure - Explicit Edition

        by Chuck James

        Millionaire playboy Dave and his best friend Tony have booked a special cleaner from an agency. Sexy and sultry Maria is supposed to arrive soon, and completely naked she is going to dust and scrub until the...

        Naked Labour (Explicit Edition)

        by Chuck James

        Chubby ebony girl Tanya has found herself stranded without money or options while on holiday in Portugal. Well, she does have one option, the oldest option known to man! If she wants cash she always has something...

        Tits And Pits - Special Edition

        by John Lord

        Jenny has 2 secret fetishes, the first is quite normal she suspects, but the other she's convinced is decidedly strange and kinky. Often she wears a loose top and gives a quick peep at her firm ebony breasts,...

        Emergence of infectious diseases

        by Serge Morand & Muriel Figuié

        From SARS to avian influenza, Ebola virus and MERS-CoV, infectious diseases have received increasing attention in recent decades from scientists, risk managers, the media and the general public. What explains...

        Complete Works: (Complete Tales And Poems with Active TOC, Active Footnotes ,Illustrated) by

        by A to z Classics

        This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

        This volume collects the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe (Wikipedia). It started out as a restructuring and reformatting...

        Understanding culture in territorial management and its implications for spatial planning.

        by Suwanna Rongwiriyaphanich, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

        This study presents and applies an integrative conceptual framework which is used to explain how culture, planning policy and territorial management outcomes are interrelated, and what the implications are for...

        Islamic Folklore Tales of The Good Pious Drunkard Bilingual Edition

        by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

        In the past, Sultan Murad IV, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623-1640, would often anonymously go into the midst of the people and see their state. One evening, he felt an uneasiness in himself and the...

        Complete Hypnotism: Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism

        by A. Alpheus


        INTRODUCTION--History of hypnotism--Mesmer--Puysegur--Braid--What is hypnotism?--Theories of hypnotism: 1. Animal magnetism; 2. The Neurosis Theory; 3. Suggestion Theory

        CHAPTER I--How to Hypnotize--Dr....

        Knowledge Sharing Strategies for Large Complex Building Projects

        by Esra Bektas, Tu Delft, Architecture and The Built Environment

        This volume of A+BE examines the current extent of knowledge sharing between actors who form design teams of Large Complex Building Projects (LCBPs), the problems that limited knowledge sharing causes in such...

        Headlong Hall

        by Thomas Love Peacock

        Headlong Hall is a novella by Thomas Love Peacock, first published in 1816. A humourous book that centers on a group of eccentric characters, each of which has an obession of sorts.

        The Origin of Species

        by Charles Darwin

        The Origin of Species was the first mature and persuasive work to explain how species change through the process of natural selection. Upon its publication, the book began to transform attitudes about society...

        Seduction of Dynasty Plus

        by Emma Calin


        Bargain book bundle – includes the steamy romance novel ‘Dynasty’ PLUS ‘Seduction of Taste’, an illustrated...

        the blue giants - gigantes azules

        by Sabrina Minetti & Marco Zanisi

        ENG The story of a company and of the family that created it and made it big. Business and personal events unfold and intertwine along a journey that started fifty years ago. In the background, a country, Italy,...

        Mother Teresa (Revised Edition)

        by Kathryn Spink

        Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the founder of the Missionaries ofCharity and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, but her story is so much moreremarkable. From her childhood in the Balkans to her work in India, from...

        Negotiation and Design for the Self-Organizing City

        by Ekim Tan, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

        This book is dedicated to building an open negotiation and design method for cities as self-organizing systems that bridges the gap between collaborative planning and collaborative design methods. Gaming as...

        Persuasion - Lesbian Erotic Stories

        by Virginia Wild

        It seemed harmless enough to give her a ride since she was stranded and it was absolutely pouring. Was she tricked or too curious to resist? The book has 6 Girl-meets-Girl short stories of Curiosity and Discovery....

        Smart Energy Management for Households

        by Sonja Van Dam, Tu Delft, Architecture and The Built Environment

        Smart Energy Management for Households infers design-related insights and guidelines to improve the use and effectiveness of home energy management systems (HEMS) through an empirical evaluation of the longitudinal...

        Integral Facade Construction

        by Tillmann Klein & Tillmann Klein, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment

        Integral Facade Construction focuses on the future development of the curtain wall. While the requirements on facades have slowly increased over the last decades, the curtain wall has evolved from craftsmanship...