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        The 16 Personality Types in a Nutshell

        by Jaroslaw Jankowski

        Meet the self-sufficient and brilliant strategist, the constructive and responsive mentor and the warm and optimistic counsellor. Meet the artist, the logician, the enthusiast and the presenter… Discover what...

        Battlefield Earth

        by L. Ron Hubbard

        As big as Star Wars. As desperate as Hunger Games. A thousand years in the future, an alien empire has overrun the planet and the human race has become an endangered species. Now all that stands between mankind...

        The Consolation of Philosophy

        by Boethius

        Written while Boethius was in prison awaiting execution,?The Consolation of Philosophy?consists of a dialogue in alternating prose and verse between the author, lamenting his own sorrows, and a majestic woman,...

        Light on Life’s Difficulties

        by James Allen

        Foreword 1. The Light That Leads to Perfect Peace 2. Light on Facts andHypotheses 3. Light on the Law of Cause and Effect in Human Life 4. Light on Values Spiritual and Material 5. Light on the Sense of Proportion...

        Critical Thinking

        by Lucy Jenkins

        Learn how to think smarter and use critical thinking to your advantage. Intelligence is not just something you have or don't have. It can be practiced. You can become more intelligent if you want to. People...

        Man a Machine

        by Julien Offray de La Mettrie

        Man a Machine is a work of materialist philosophy by the 18th-century French physician and philosopher Julien Offray de La Mettrie, first published in 1747. In this work, de La Mettrie extends Descartes' argument...

        The Ralph Waldo Emerson Collection

        by Ralph Waldo Emerson

        Ralph Waldo Emerson?was an American essayist,?lecturer,?philosopher, and?poet?who led the?transcendentalist?movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of?individualism?and a prescient...

        The Beginning And The End

        by Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd AlKareem & Abd Ar-Rahman bin Abd Al-Kareem Ash-Sheha

        The Beginning & The End of Universe from Islamic Perspective

        Wicca & Satanism from Islamic Perspective

        by Muhammad Vandestra

        The word wicca comes from the Saxon root wicce, loosely translated as “wise” or “to bend or shape the unseen forces.” Wicca is the largest of the Neopagan religions which are reconstructions of ancient...

        Futuristic Version of Geeta

        by Parkash Satti

        The ultimate theory of fate will completely shake you from top to bottom. How mind works? How to understand and control our mind? Kundalini awakening complete techniques, Amazing techniques of Meditation. Teaching...

        On the Nature of Things

        by Titus Lucretius Carus

        On the Nature of Things (De rerum natura) is a first-century BC didactic poem by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius with the goal of explaining Epicurean philosophy to a broader Roman audience. The poem...

        Korean Stories For Language Learners

        by Julie Damron & EunSun You

        The most enjoyable way to learn about an unfamiliar culture is through its stories—especially when they're told in two languages! Korean Stories for Language Learners introduces 42 traditional Korean folktales...


        by Thomas More

        De Optimo Republicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia (translated On the Best State of a Republic and on the New Island of Utopia) or more simply Utopia is a 1516 book by Sir (Saint) Thomas More.

        The book, written...

        The Complete Plato

        by Plato

        Plato (428/427–348/347 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and mathematician of the Classic Age who founded the Academy of Athens. Noted as a student of Socrates, Plato has distinguished himself as one of the founders...

        Computer-Mediated Communication in Personal Relationships

        by Kevin B. Wright & Lynne M. Webb

        This is the first collection of readings on computer-mediated communication focusing exclusively on interpersonal interactions. Examining messages exchanged via email, Twitter, Facebook, websites, and blogs,...

        Scientology from Islamic Perspective

        by Muhammad Vandestra

        Scientology has been called the world’s most significant new religion, and Scientologists themselves claim to draw on 50,000 years of wisdom. However apostates from Scientology claim it is a vicious, dangerous...

        What Is Islam Faith?

        by Muhammad Vandestra

        Among the blessings and favors that God has bestowed upon humanity is that He endowed them with an innate ability to recognize and acknowledge His existence.? He placed this awareness deep in their hearts as...

        Lonely Child

        by Kit Sire

        A verse prose book on Kit's semanticism---or voice and style. The light he uses to find his way---the dark he knows and the day time was. Enjoy the read heed the call and be the one. I mean take your time and...

        The Enchiridion

        by Epictetus

        The Enchiridion?or?Manual?of Epictetus is a short manual of Stoic ethical advice from the 2nd-century Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus. The focus is on applying philosophy in daily life. The primary theme...

        Hook 'em with Humor

        by Ricky Olson, Laura L. Bush & Jerry Corley

        Ricky Olson is an award-winning humorous speaker. Although he was told all his life he was funny, no one was laughing when he gave stand-up comedy a shot. Being “naturally funny” failed him, so he was forced...